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Sophie. Dreamer. Cosplayer. Awkward TurtleDuck. Genetically Pure. Waitress. Comic Book reader. Disney Slave
warning this blog will contain: Once Upon a Time, A:TLA, Legend of Korra, Ava's Demon, Marvel, DC, cosplay, anime, Musicals, classic literature and bits of nostalgia.

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Digging through old photos and found this gem. As you can see absolutely nothing changed. Photo by starrfallphotography

this one time I was working on cosplay and I made my hammer pants too big. this is the result

threw on a little dauntless inspired outfit I’m go it of the Divergent premiere tonight!!

my favorite photo from Katsucon! Can’t wait to do this group at Colossal.
Bubbles | Blossom | Buttercup | Princess

Photography: Swoz (More photos on Facebook)


Schoolgirl!Powerpuffs at Katsucon 2014~

Blossom: SophieStops
Bubbles: Rinachur
Buttercup: VMachina
Morbucks: KelsicleKosplay

Photographer: Swoz
Photographer FB page: Swoz Photography

Guess who’s back???
Finally at triad, FINALLY

I may finally have a chance: Anna by sophiestahps

so yeah this actually happened a while ago, but I kept forgetting to post about it. Will probably redo eventually!

cosplay commissioners, I was thinking about making a few cosplays for people, how much do you generally charge?

okay final one I swear! doing Tink and Schoolgirl!Blossom Friday and Future Star group saturday. I’ll bring my kigurumi for comfy times too, so excited to see everyone

starrfallphotography took some photos of me! It was about 20 degrees outside and we all froze our butts off!