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Sophie. Dreamer. Cosplayer. Awkward TurtleDuck. Genetically Pure. Waitress. Comic Book reader. Disney Slave
warning this blog will contain: Once Upon a Time, A:TLA, Legend of Korra, Ava's Demon, Marvel, DC, cosplay, anime, Musicals, classic literature and bits of nostalgia.

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PSA: public sophie announcement:cosplay WIP’s!
I have more time to sew nowadays, so here are my most recent projects, a BMO design) still have to sew on the buttons and stuff, for Katsucon) and the idol outfit from Kyoukai no Kanata(still have to finish everything, not sure for which con)

all righty my chaps, my next con will be: ichiban and then katsu(can’t wait to see/meet all my friends!!)

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