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Sophie. Dreamer. Cosplayer. Awkward TurtleDuck. Genetically Pure. Waitress. Comic Book reader. Disney Slave
warning this blog will contain: Once Upon a Time, A:TLA, Legend of Korra, Ava's Demon, Marvel, DC, cosplay, anime, Musicals, classic literature and bits of nostalgia.

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spongebob rp




[Mr. Krabs was panicked, and he burst into his restaurant.]


Who took me secret formuler!?


[President Nixon looks crestfallen, as he had been looking forward to a delicious and mouthwatering Krabby Patty for so long that he couldnt help himself and stole the formula. ]

I’m so sorry Eugene, ive hurt you once again


Ya betrayed me for the last time, Nixon. Your beloved country will fall

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stitch helpin a bro out

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that me

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a dystopian novel about some guy who works in the government and is just trying to get by while some shitty kids try and overthrow society

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me after group projects

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I asked him if I could take a picture of him and he asked, “Would you like a regular pose or the Hawkeye initiative?” I didn’t know what the second one was so I went with it just for kicks. I’m glad I did.

Bless all the Hawkeye Initiative cosplayers

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1. Steve Rogers is not just some dumb soldier who follows orders, he thinks outside the box and asks questions and considers consequences.

2. Peggy Carter had plans to eat that boy alive before he became a delicious roast beefcake in Howard Stark’s hottie machine. 

3. I don’t understand people who didn’t enjoy this movie. 

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